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Bikers Attack an SUV and More Real-Life Grand Theft Autos (VIDEO)

From the biker gang that terrorized an SUV to the fastest lap around Manhattan, watch videos that could have come from the game.

Rockstar Games/AP

Biker Gang Attacks SUV

After a man driving a Range Rover struck a motorcyclist on the West Side Highway on Sunday, the biker’s buddies refused to let the accident be resolved peacefully. Instead they started hitting the vehicle and spiked its tires. When the SUV sped away, the gang ultimately chased it down, smashed the window with a motorcycle helmet, and beat the driver.

Fastest Lap Around Manhattan

So much for infamous New York City traffic. This summer, a video posted online by AfroDuck Productions showed a BMW speeding around the Big Apple, going 26.5 miles in just 24 minutes. The driver, Christopher Adam Tang, was eventually arrested for the stunt and charged with six driving violations.

Angry Driver Pulls a Gun

Oh, Kentucky, land of horse racing, bourbon, and apparently severe road rage. This shocking footage shows a driver rolling down his window and firing a gun at the videographer’s car, though it’s hard to tell exactly why. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the shooter was later arrested.

Wild Russian Dashcam Vids

We’re no experts on Russian driving laws, but the Internet is chock-full of insane accidents, daredevil driving, and other epically unsafe road behavior, all captured on Russian drivers’ ubiquitous dashboard cams. Shout out to Twister Nederland for the compilation.

7-Year-Old Steals Grandma’s Dodge

I took my grandma’s car ’cause I got mad at my mom,” says Latarian Milton in one of the most perplexing and hilarious news reports you’ll ever see. Driving around South Florida with a cigarette-smoking friend, Milton ran over two mailboxes, crashed into two parked cars, and hit two moving vehicles. The boy admitted he knew he could kill someone but he said he “wanted to do hoodrat stuff with my friend.”