FAA Could Approve Boeing 737 Max to Fly Again by Late June, Says Reports

Airlines might be very lucky to find anyone brave enough to volunteer to get on board, but the Federal Aviation Administration could approve Boeing 737 Max jets to fly again by late June, Reuters reports. The planes were grounded around the world after they were involved in two crashes in the space of five months that together killed 346 people. Boeing announced last week that it had rolled out an update to the software, known as MCAS, which is believed to have triggered an anti-stall system that investigators believe caused pilots to lose control of the two planes. The FAA reportedly informed members of the United Nations’ aviation agency about the end-of-June target during a private briefing Thursday. However, airlines outside the U.S. may take more persuading. Canadian and European officials said Wednesday they would bring back the grounded aircraft on their own terms, not the FAA’s.