Bolton Won’t Listen to Khashoggi Tape: ‘I Don’t Speak Arabic’

National security adviser John Bolton told reporters Tuesday that he doesn’t need to listen to the tape of Jamal Khashoggi’s death because it’s in Arabic, which he does not understand. “No, I haven’t listened to it. Why do you think I should? What do you think I'll learn from it?” Bolton told reporters. “Unless you speak Arabic, what are you going to get from it?” When asked why he couldn’t listen to it along with a translator, Bolton said he was confident in the intelligence given to him by those who do understand Arabic. Later in the press conference, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the White House has yet to see “definitive evidence from the intelligence community” that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was involved in the Washington Post columnist’s death in October. Khashoggi was killed after he entered Istanbul’s Saudi Arabian consulate, and the CIA has reportedly concluded the crown prince ordered the killing.