Bomb Threat at CNN Headquarters in New York City Forces Employees to Evacuate

A bomb threat at CNN headquarters in New York City on Thursday night forced the network to stop live programming so employees could evacuate the building, the network said. The NYPD, which reopened the area around Columbus Circle shortly after midnight, said officers responded to a call at 10:07 p.m. regarding a “bomb threat... into the Time Warner Center.” While many on social media suggested a late-night tweet sent out by President Trump blasting “fake media” as the “enemy of the people” might have spurred the threat, the president actually sent the tweet after police had been notified of the threat. Amid the panic over the threat, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon tweeted, “We were evacuated in the middle of my live show. Bomb threat. We’re running taped programming. NYPD is investigating. Stay tuned. #cnn #nypd.” Reliable Sources anchor Brian Stelter tweeted that he was alerted to the evacuation by “sirens upstairs” when he was shopping in the basement of the Time Warner Center complex.