Brennan Emerges From Shadows

CIA Director John Brennan to give first public remarks in office.

Alex Wong/Getty

Since becoming CIA Director last March, John Brennan has made no public appearances. Was he slipping into the shadows and assuming the more secretive posture of spymasters from a bygone era? Not according to CIA officials. Rather Brennan was intent on digging into the vast array of responsibilities -- operational, analytic and technological -- that he now oversees as the Director of Central Intelligence. Moreover, Brennan who had a reasonably high profile as President Obama's chief counterterrorism adviser during the first term, wanted to demonstrate his commitment to the CIA work force before going out on the public speaking circuit. But his period of monastic seclusion officially comes to an end on Thursday. On what will be the five month anniversary of his swearing in as DCI, Brennan will participate in a panel on cyber threats at Fordham University in New York City. It's an all-star panel that includes National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander and outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller. The discussion will be part of a event hosted by Fordham called "International Conference on Cyber Security: A Globel Solution to Emerging Cyber Threats."All three panelists have been at the center of explosive national security stories, from the disclosure of controversial surveillance programs to the recent Al Qaeda threat emanating from the Arabian Peninsula. But don't expect a lot of news; while the Fordham event is open to the press, reporters will be prohibited from asking questions.Still, Brennan will have other opportunities to make headlines. CIA officials says he is planning to give a number of public speeches in the coming weeks and months.