Undies Bomber

Britain Missed Warning Signs

American intelligence is not alone in blowing it: Though the London police have increased their observation of Islamic extremists, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who allegedly attempted to bomb a Northwest plane on Christmas Day, somehow slipped through the cracks. A British security official said Tuesday that the former student president of his university's Islamic Society "never show[ed] up on the radar screen," even though British intelligence monitors Muslim student groups. Before joining the University College London's Islamic Society, Abdulmutallab posted on Islamic Web sites, often describing loneliness. While serving as the society's president, he helped sponsor "War on Terror Week," harshly criticizing America's approach in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's suspected that Abdulmutallab attended the London Muslim Center, which has historically been involved with fundamentalists including the Yemeni cleric who is believed to have emailed with the alleged Fort Hood shooter.