British Mom Charged With Poisoning Her Sons Appears in Court

Sarah Barrass, 34, and Brandon Machin, 37, appeared in Sheffield Magistrates Court in the United Kingdom on Monday to face charges of murder in the poisoning death of Barrass’ 13- and 14-year-old sons on Friday, according to the Daily Mail, which published pictures of the children. Barrass is additionally charged with three counts of attempted murder against two children who are not her own. Barrass’ sons alerted a friend through the messaging system on their Nintendo Switch on Monday morning that they felt unwell, according to the police compliant. After the initial first responder appeared, two dozen police cars, two riot vans and four ambulances were called to the house. An air ambulance was dispatched to a nearby primary school as well. The couple will enter a plea on Tuesday morning at a British crown court. They were not allowed to apply for bail.