British Neo-Nazis Suggest ‘Race Traitor’ Prince Harry Should Be Assassinated

A British neo-Nazi group suggested that Prince Harry should be killed for being a “race traitor” after his marriage to American actress Meghan Markle. The group is spreading an image of Prince Harry that includes a gun pointed at his head and a splash of red in the background. A caption reads: “See ya later, race traitor!” Meghan Markel became the first mixed-race woman to join the modern British royal family after she married Harry earlier this year. According to a BBC investigation, the neo-Nazi group identifies itself as the Sonnenkrieg Division, a British offshoot of the American Atomwaffen Division, which encourages terrorism and the destruction of civilization. The two groups glorify Adolf Hitler, cult leader Charles Manson, and James Mason, a veteran neo-Nazi ideologue, and believe in an impending “race war.”