Bucknell Scrubs Alumnus Les Moonves From Website

Bucknell University, alma mater of CBS CEO Les Moonves, removed all references to his name Monday after he was accused of sexual misconduct in Friday’s explosive New Yorker report. “Bucknell will not stand for sexual misconduct—on campus or beyond,” said the university’s president in a statement cited by Penn Live. Bucknell declined to specify exactly what Moonves-related content had been removed, but noted that they had scrubbed references to Moonves. “We are evaluating any additional actions that may be appropriate,” the school said. Moonves, who graduated from Bucknell in 1971, was accused Friday of sexually harassing six women between 1980 and the late 2000s. Moonves has since acknowledged that he may have made women uncomfortable with his sexual advances, noting that “Those were mistakes, and I regret them immensely.” But contrary to the allegations, he denies that he intentionally hindered the careers of women who rejected him.