Cambridge Analytica to be Liquidated and May Now Die With Its Secrets

Trump campaign consultants and data analysts Cambridge Analytica will be liquidated, British courts have ruled, defying an effort from campaigners who wanted to keep the company alive long enough for a full investigation into its alleged mass data abuse in the 2016 U.S. election. The British firm has been accused of misusing the Facebook data of almost 100 million Americans while working to elect President Trump. Campaigners argued to the High Court in London last month that Cambridge Analytica's administrators were trying to liquidate the company before a full investigation into the company could be held. David Carroll, a New York Professor who was leading the case against the company, linked to the judgement Wednesday night and said: “I’m deeply disappointed to share this news with you. The judge ruled against me. I’m so sorry to say this but it looks like Cambridge Analytica got away with it. They’ll now be liquidated.”