Chicago Teacher Brought Friend to School to Beat Student With Belts: Lawsuit

A Chicago Public School’s teacher allegedly brought her friend to school to beat a fourth-grade student in the bathroom with thick belts she kept in her classroom for punishment, according to a civil-rights federal lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court Thursday. Asia Gaines, who filed the suit, alleges her 9-year-old son’s homeroom teacher, 50-year-old Kristen Haynes, at Tilton Elementary School helped her friend, Juanita Tyler, 56, attack the child on Sept. 20. “Ms. Gaines is outraged that an adult stranger was allowed to touch and beat her child inside his school, outraged that his teacher not only allowed but arranged and actively assisted in abusing him, and outraged that she was not told anything about it by the school either before or after the incident took place,” the family’s attorney, Al Hofeld Jr., told The Daily Beast.

Before the start of first period, the lawsuit alleges, the boy was dragged into a bathroom. Haynes gave Tylor, a distant relative of the boy whom he had never met, two large belts before leaving the pair alone. The child was beaten “over his clothing with both belts, landing blows on his back, buttocks and legs, breaking the skin and leaving abrasions on his body,” according to the lawsuit. After the beating, the lawsuit states, the boy was partially hospitalized for two months and was recently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Haynes has been removed from her position as the school district investigates, CPS spokeswoman Emily Bolton said. Haynes was charged on Sept. 24 with battery and child endangerment, and Tyler was charged with battery four days later.