China State TV Running ‘Daily Show’ Spot on Huawei

China’s state television CCTV is airing a Daily Show segment in which Trevor Noah jokes that the reason the U.S. has banned Huawei is because the U.S. lags behind Chinese technology. “Recently, famous American talk show host Trevor Noah expressed his views on America’s relentless suppression of Huawei,” the Chinese state CCTV host says, according to the Associated Press. “He says the reason for the suppression is because Huawei possesses advanced 5G technology, while American 5G lags far behind.” During a segment called “If You Don’t Know, Now You Know,” the Daily Show host parodies the real reason for the ban. “While America is developing its own 5G, China’s 5G is so far ahead. They’re basically going to set the trends,” Noah says in the segment aired on Chinese TV. “So, this is a race many people are already saying America has lost.”