Chris Watts’ Daughter Begged for Her Life After Watching Sister’s Murder: Attorney

Moments after Chris Watts strangled his wife and smothered his 3-year-old daughter Celeste, his other daughter, 4-year-old Bella, pleaded, “Please Daddy, don’t do to me what you just did to CeCe,” according to lawyers representing Shanann Watts’ family. Chris Watts, 33, reportedly offered up the chilling new details to investigators in a Feb. 18 prison interview. “To hear him admit it is important to [the family],” lawyer Thomas Grant said on the Dr. Phil Show on Tuesday. Watts reportedly admitted to murdering his wife inside their Colorado home before Bella walked in on the scene. “What are you doing with Mommy?’” Bella asked, according to attorney Steven Lambert, who represents the parents of Shanann Watts. “Of the things that have been hard for the [family] to comprehend and to accept in this reality, what happened to Bella in those last moments has been the hardest,” he said.