Christchurch on Lockdown Amid Reports of Mosque Shooting

New Zealand police have warned all residents of Christchurch to remain indoors amid reports of an active shooter inside a mosque. Police confirmed a “critical incident” and “serious ongoing firearms incident” but stopped short of giving further details. All schools were placed on lockdown, and the public was advised to “stay off the streets.” Witnesses told local media that multiple shots were fired inside a mosque, with one eyewitness telling Radio New Zealand a man with an automatic rifle wearing a “helmet and glasses and a military style jacket” had opened fire. According to The Guardian, police were also investigating a crashed vehicle near the mosque out of fear it contained explosives.  Another eyewitness said at least four people were lying on the floor and “there was blood everywhere.” At least 300 people were reportedly inside the mosque at the time for afternoon prayers. “He had a big gun and a lot of bullets and he came through and started shooting like everyone in the mosque, like everywhere, and they have to smash the door and the glass from the window and from the small door to try and get out,” one witness told the local media.