Colorado Cop Will Face No Charges for Killing Homeowner Who Fought Off Intruder

An Aurora, Colorado, police officer who shot and killed a 73-year-old homeowner defending his home against an intruder will not face criminal charges, The Denver Post reports. According to the Adams County District Attorney’s Office, body-camera footage from Officer Drew Limbaugh proved that he acted appropriately given the chaotic circumstances. Limbaugh had returned to duty two weeks before the June 27 incident, after killing another man in an officer-involved shooting. As Limbaugh approached the home of Richard Gary Black, shots were heard coming from inside the residence—and when the officer entered he saw Black walking with a gun. The gunshots the officers heard upon entering the house came from Black’s gun as he responded, within his legal rights—Black had a concealed-weapons permit—to a violent home intruder. Black can be heard in the footage being told to drop his weapon, but did not respond to multiple officers’ instructions. Black was a decorated Vietnam veteran who family members said had significant hearing loss from his Army service. Attorneys representing Black’s family argue that the footage shows officers never identified themselves as law enforcement, and Black never raised his handgun or pointed it at police. “He was a dedicated family man, and his last moments were spent heroically defending his family against intruders in his home... Mr. Black’s death was an unnecessary tragedy.”