Columbia Frat Bro Sues University, Claims He Was Too Drunk to Sexually Assault Student

A former Columbia University student claims in a lawsuit that he was too drunk to be held accountable for a sexual assault he allegedly committed, the New York Post reports. The anonymous fraternity brother, who was expelled after the alleged attack, claims only to remember “flashes” of the alleged late 2017 sexual encounter with a woman in her dorm room. In a lawsuit against the university, he admits to imbibing seven drinks in 45 minutes at a Dec. 13 fraternity formal and claims he was showing clear signs of incapacitation before the alleged incident—such as “talking with a German accent and claiming blood ties to Nazis.” The fraternity brother also alleges the woman kissed him, helped him undress, and initiated the sexual encounters that occurred in her dorm room. He also claims that he called his father the next morning after he “felt taken advantage of in his intoxicated state.” Days after the alleged incident, the woman reportedly told school administrators she was attacked. The school reportedly launched a probe into the contradicting claims from both students and found the fraternity brother did not black out and ignored the female’s pleas to stop. The fraternity brother alleges Columbia ignored his “favorable evidence” and “treated him differently than another female victim who’d also blacked out.” The fraternity brother was reportedly expelled in July and was not allowed to graduate. According to the Post, he is suing for his diploma and other damages.