Conspiracy Theorists Arrested at Texas Church Massacre Site

Two conspiracy theorists were arrested Monday after allegedly harassing residents of Sutherland Springs, Texas, the site of the Nov. 5 mass shooting at a town church where 26 congregants died. Church Pastor Frank Pomeroy allegedly found the two writing “the truth shall set you free” on a chapel poster that is meant for well-wishers to sign. When Pomeroy confronted the two—identified as Robert Ussery, 54, the founder of conspiracy website Side Thorn, and 56-year-old Jodi Mann—they allegedly began shouting about their belief that the shooting was staged. Pomeroy’s 14-year-old daughter died in the shooting, along with 25 others. Pomeroy told the San Antonio Express-News said that Ussery “continually yelled and screamed and hollered and told me he was gonna hang me from a tree, and pee on me while I’m hanging... He said, ‘Your daughter never even existed. Show me her birth certificate. Show me anything to say she was here.’” Charging information on Ussery and Mann was not immediately available.