‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Celebrates ‘Moonlight’s’ Oscars ‘Reparations’

The ‘Daily Show’ host celebrated the movie’s quick reversal of fortune at Sunday night’s 89th Academy Awards.

After taking a week off, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah was eager to catch up on all the Donald Trump news he missed. But first, he took a few minutes to celebrate “the best Oscars moment of all time.”

Of course, Noah was talking about the insane final few minutes of Sunday night’s telecast in which the Best Picture award accidentally went to La La Land before it was rightly handed over to Moonlight.

“Guys, I'm sorry, America has too many twists. My heart can’t handle this anymore. I can’t get over what happened. First the elections, then the Super Bowl, now this,” Noah said. “I’m going to start watching Game of Thrones just to calm my nerves.” But while “everyone is focusing on the negatives,” the host said, he thinks we should “focus on the bright side.”

“In front of the whole country, black people were done wrong and minutes later they got reparations,” he said. “I don’t care what you say, to me, that is progress. That is progress, because, normally, that would have taken like, what, 50 years? Normally, in America, they would have had to make a movie about how Moonlight lost the Oscar before they would have acknowledged Moonlight's Oscar.”

Later in the show, Noah brought on correspondent Roy Wood, Jr. to give his take on the whole Oscars Best Picture snafu. “In order to for you to understand what happened last night,” he said, “you have to understand the phenomenon known as peak blackness!”

He went on to explain that “going into last night, you had Black History Month, Beyoncé’s pregnancy with Jay’s twins, multiple black movies were nominated for Oscars, and Frederick Douglass came back to life! We are operating at maximum levels of blacktivity we haven't seen in decades, better known as peak blackness!”

And now, we have Moonlight: Best Picture winner.