‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Serves Fox News’ Sean Hannity a Plate of Horse Poop

For his ridiculous Nunes memo celebrations.

Comedy Central

President Donald J. Trump appears to be operating under the delusion that the recently released Nunes memo is not the total dud that even many House Republicans say it is, but rather “totally vindicates ‘Trump’ in probe,” as he so eloquently tweeted.

According to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), chair of the House Oversight Committee—who knows a thing or two about witch hunts, having conducted one on Hillary Clinton over Benghazi—the Nunes memo doesn’t have anything to do with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“Not to me it doesn’t,” said Gowdy, “and I was pretty integrally involved in the drafting of it.”

Cue Trevor Noah: “Even Trey Gowdy, Mr. Benghazi Forever, he also says that this memo in no way exonerates Trump in the Russia investigation. And he wrote the memo. It’s like when J.K. Rowling reveals something about a character in Harry Potter: If she says Dumbledore is gay, then Dumbledore is gay.”

The Daily Show host dedicated a large portion of the program Monday night to Devin Nunes’ major fail—including the repeated attempts by “Trump’s Archbishop of Bullshit” (Noah’s words), Sean Hannity, to misinterpret the contents of the memo in order to buttress whatever narrative most benefits his lord and savior, Donald J. Trump.

“As we have been explaining, this is Watergate times a thousand… Mueller’s investigation is, and has been, a witch hunt from the very beginning. It’s built on a house of cards, and tonight it is crashing down,” claimed Hannity. “And by the way, nobody else will say this: All charges against Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn need to be dropped. It’s that simple.”

“Yeah, nobody else will say it because they’ll be embarrassed to look that dumb,” fired back Noah. “Hannity is the guy who walked out of The Sixth Sense going, ‘My theory is that everyone is dead except for Bruce Willis. You with me? Nobody else will say it.’”

He continued: “To be honest, I get why Hannity needs to act like this. He needs to act like this memo is everything MAGA fans hoped for, because everything in his Russia coverage has been leading up to this moment.”

The comedian then threw to a montage of clips of Hannity attempting to throw water on Mueller’s Russia investigation, calling it a “parking ticket” compared to Watergate.

“I see what happened, here, man: Hannity thought that the memo would exonerate Donald Trump, so he planned his entire show as a victory parade. But then when the memo was a dud, he just went on with the show. He did the opposite of what the Eagles’ fans did,” said Noah.

Earlier in the program, Noah mocked the Philadelphia Eagles’ fans for destroying their city—and, in one gross instance, actually eating horse poop—in celebration of their team’s Super Bowl victory over the favored New England Patriots.

“So basically all that needs to happen is: Eagles fans and Sean Hannity, you guys need to swap,” offered Noah. “Eagles, you won, so act like you won. Throw yourself a nice, safe parade. And Sean Hannity, admit it, on this one you lost. So, you know what that means…”

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The host then presented Hannity with a serving dish and removed the cover to reveal… a plate of horse poop, before announcing:

“Dinner is served.”