DMV Will Revoke New York Man’s Anti-Semitic License Plate: Report

The New York DMV is working to remove the license plate of a Queens man that displays an anti-Semitic acronym, according to a Friday report from the New York Daily News. Paul Schmieder’s plate reads “GTKRWN,” which in neo-Nazi circles means “gas the k---s, race war now.” The DMV was alerted by Queens Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, who wrote a letter calling on the department to revoke the vanity plate. “Anti-Semitism, in any form, has no place in society and must be addressed whenever and wherever it arises, particularly when under the purview of a government agency,” Rozic said in her letter. Rozic first found the plate after reading an investigative report in Commune magazine, in which a writer went undercover in New York’s alt-right movement and met Schmieder at a neo-Nazi book club. Writer Jay Firestone described Schmieder as “an ordinary Fox News conservative until Trump came along and a co-worker showed him The Daily Stormer.” Schmieder told the Daily News that he has no plans to fight the removal of his plate.