‘Donald Donates’ Let’s You Donate to Causes Trump Hates Every Time He Tweets

‘Donald is tweeting again… Sad!’


One hundred days in and still unsatisfied with Donald Trump’s presidency? You’re not alone.

Three genius millennials found a way to cope with the Trump administration by using Trump’s kryptonite: Twitter.

Donald Donates is a website set up for anti-Trumpers to donate to various causes Donald Trump is against, or potential 2020 election candidates.

The site’s opening statement reads: “Let’s show Donald Trump that his divisive rhetoric and destructive policies come at a cost. Join Donald Donates today to automatically answer tweets from @realdonaldtrump with contributions to progressive candidates and causes. Donald Donates recipients range from the 2020 Democratic president nominee to organizations defending our civil liberties and core American values.”

Donald Donates co-founders––Adam Gibbs, David Hyatt and Justin Munn––told Newsweek they hope the site pressures Trump’s impeachment or resignation before the next election, while donating to causes Trump is vehemently against. If President Trump survives his first term, however, and STILL wants to run (it is kind of a tough gig after all) Gibbs, Hyatt, and Munn hope they raise a large amount money to support his 2020 opponent.

"To go from only knowing a president in my adult life who was incredibly thoughtful, and took the time to consider not only his actions but his words, to having someone who spouts off lies that he hears on Fox News that can totally change the course of the economy or flirt with war with other countries using Twitter, that’s absolutely frightening," Gibbs told Newsweek.

"The way we look at this is: best case scenario, we raise a lot of money for organizations doing amazing work and for a candidate who is going to run against Donald Trump in 2020, or he stops tweeting, which is also a huge win!”

Really, is there a better way to tackle The Donald?