Donald Trump’s Most Despicable Tweets About 9/11

Forget his lie about “thousands of Muslims cheering” or “hundreds of friends” who died, the Republican presidential nominee has long made the attack about himself.

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/ The Daily Beast

Donald Trump has a very public history of trying to make 9/11 all about himself, and also about attacking his own personal and political enemies. Furthermore, the GOP presidential nominee has a penchant for straight-up lying about what happened on September 1, 2001. (To say nothing of the fact that one of his closest allies and friends in media, right-wing radio host Alex Jones, is a 9/11 “truther.”)

Nowhere are Trump’s crass 9/11-related tendencies more prominently displayed than on his verified Twitter feed. On this solemn occasion, here are the 10 worst @realDonaldTrump tweets concerning 9/11.

10. Trump uses 9/11 to go after libertarian icon Ron Paul and The Donald’s foe Rosie O’Donnell.

9. Here’s Trump tweeting, and approvingly retweeting, about scores of “militant Muslims” in America delighting in the carnage of 9/11.

8. “...all kinds of youtube videos...”

7. Back during the Republican primary, Trump invoked 9/11 repeatedly to attack the Bush family. He “wanted to be nice,” but ended up not:

6. Did you know that Donald Trump predicted the 9/11 plot?

5. There was also when he used 9/11 to bash Obama and the president’s supposed “good friends in Libya and Egypt.”

4. For those searching for an emphatically pro-torture 9/11 tweet…

3. The Infowars link is what makes it.

2. No comment.

1. And finally, never forget: