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Earn Industry-Level Certifications In Adobe Creative Cloud

Design is one of those coveted skills that can hugely impact the growth and success of a company. Learn how to use the foundational programs of the industry with this course.


By The Beast

From advertising to packaging design, art is everywhere in the business world, even if you don't realize it right away. Graphic designers are always in demand because they possess the unique blend of an artistic eye, technical skill, and marketing savvy. With graphic design, your computer screen becomes your new canvas, allowing you to create beautiful digital art — and be rewarded handsomely for your work.

There are endless ways you can add value to a business with design skills. You can create a distinctive logo that shapes the external brand, develop polished presentations and collateral to win new clients, or craft a beautiful and intuitive homepage to acquire more customers. With this Graphic Design Certification School, you'll gain a lifetime of access to training in three of the most essential tools to the graphic design profession — all within the Adobe Creative Suite.

This course also lets you earn CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits. It's a way to show that your knowledge and skills are up to date and of a high caliber, helping give your resume a boost whether you plan to start a side gig freelancing or pivot into a new career. Each of these courses gives you a comprehensive breakdown of the industry-standard application, with lessons that include:

1. Photoshop Course: Master the Leading Image Design Software

Photoshop is easily the most dominant photo editing software around — and this course shows you how to create and edit images using the platform with total proficiency. Plus, you'll learn to import and manipulate images across a variety of formats, from 3D images to vibrant color for print and more.

2. Illustrator Course: Run Through the Complete Design Process with Adobe Illustrator

With Adobe Illustrator, you'll learn how to create vector graphs, working with paths, nodes and bezier curves. It's perfect for creating professional logos, graphics, cartoons, and fonts — and integrating all of them into the same design. You'll pick up how to flow text into any shape along any path and even how to sharpen your color correction skills, so your projects will be vibrant and catch the eye of your intended audience, every time.

3. InDesign Course: Learn to Design Magazines, Brochures & More with Adobe InDesign

From fliers to newsletters, digital and print collateral are hugely important assets for any company, especially in sales and marketing. This course shows you how to use Adobe InDesign to develop a wide variety of documents, working with special effects in color and transparency to develop signature branded content. You'll also learn to create templates to improve your productivity and leverage your new Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge to maximize your creativity.

Pick up valuable skills that'll make you valuable in any workspace: usually, lifetime access to the Graphic Design Certification School is $1,197, but you can get it here for $39.

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