Alleged ‘Eleven in Heaven’ Serial Killer Dies in Prison

A self-professed serial killer who claimed to have killed 11 young girls died in a Texas prison on Saturday, leaving many mysteries unsolved, according to the Houston Chronicle. Edward Harold Bell, 82, was serving a 70-year sentence for the 1978 murder of a man who confronted him about exposing himself to neighborhood girls. In 2011, he told the newspaper that he had also killed a string of girls he referred to as the “Eleven in Heaven.” His confession led authorities to the bodies of two missing girls, but he was never charged with those slayings, and there were many inconsistencies in his various statements. Phyllis Southern, who believed that Bell killed her sister, said of his death: “I had hoped to one day to question him myself, but now God’s judgment is upon him!! I just wanted him to know that he will Never take anything else from me! My little Sister was my everything and he took her in the most vile and horrible way he could!!”