Egyptian Security Agents Killed 'at Least' 40 Suspected Militants After Deadly Tour Bus Bombing

Egyptian security agents killed a at least of 40 suspected militants after the bombing of a tour bus Friday that left four people dead and 10 wounded, according to The New York Times. Officials at Egypt’s Ministry of the Interior did not directly link these killings to the bombing, which took place less than 2.5 miles from the Giza pyramids. But the Ministry reportedly said in a statement that security officials found out that “a number of terrorists...planned a series of attacks that targets state institutions, tourism, armed forces, police, and Christian places of worship.” Egyptian agents killed 30 militants at one site near Giza, while another raid in North Sinai resulted in 10 more deaths, per the newspaper. Egyptian law enforcement has launched a significant campaign against militants some five years ago, paying special attention to the border near Libya and Sinai Peninsula. Several attacks in recent years have posed a threat to Egypt’s tourism industry. Militants have attacked sites such as Luxor’s Karnak temple, as well as houses of worship, The Times notes.