Crime Pays

England's Biggest Jewelry Heist

It was like a scene out of Ocean's 11. Two men in smart gray suits arrived at Graff's jewelers—which caters to celebrities like the Beckhams—on London's Bond Street on August 6 in a taxi, The Times of London reports. They entered the store, produced handguns and forced the staff to the floor, except for one woman who was told to open a display cabinet. Minutes later, they'd grabbed 43 pieces of jewelry, worth $65 million, and briefly took the female worker hostage in order to ensure they weren't locked between security doors on the way out, police believe. Once outside, they fired a warning shot into the ground, and escaped in a blue BMW, which hit a taxi. They fired a second warning shot to deter onlookers, and got into a silver Mercedes, and from there they switched again to a black Ford Galaxy or VW Sharan. Police are looking for at least five men, including a motorbike rider who received a package from the two suits while they were in the BMW. The robbery is thought to be the U.K.'s largest jewelry heist.