Evidence Backs Rep. Weiner in ‘Scandal’

Right-wing blogs may still be claiming that Rep. Anthony Weiner posted an explicit photo of himself on Twitter over the weekend, but stef at DailyKos proves that the photograph is almost definitely a fake. The up-close image of a man in boxer briefs appears to have been Photoshopped to look as though it came from Weiner’s yFrog account. The most likely suspect in the whole thing is a conservative activist named Dan Wolfe, who goes by Twitter handle @patriotusa76. Wolfe appears obsessed with Weiner: He has tweeted at him 287 times since April. On May 12, he began tweeting that a Democrat would soon have a scandal like former Rep. Chris Lee, who resigned after posting shirtless photos on Craigslist. Wolfe appears to be the only person to have seen Weiner’s tweet before he claims Weiner must have deleted it. The woman to whom the tweet was directed has also spoken out, saying, “I have never met Congressman Weiner, though I am a fan.”