Ex-CIA Agent Turned Alleged Chinese Spy Had an Accomplice: FBI

Ex-CIA agent Jerry Chun Shing Lee—who stands accused of spying for China between 2010 and 2011—allegedly had an accomplice, according to new court documents cited in a Wednesday report from NBC News. The individual, an unindicted co-conspirator, was not named, and their alleged role was not disclosed—but the documents note that the FBI made copies of seven of the individual’s devices in 2013. Lee was arrested in January 2018 and charged with possessing classified information—specifically, notebooks filled with the names and contact information for CIA operatives and informants. He was indicted on a second count of espionage in May. Court documents allege that in exchange for preparing requested information for the Chinese government, Lee received “a gift of $100,000” and a promise “that they would take care of him for life.” NBC notes that the information he allegedly provided helped both China and Russia identify—and in some cases, kill—spies and informants.