Ex-Senate Intel Staffer James Wolfe Sentenced to Two Months in Prison

James Wolfe, ex-head of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee, was sentenced to two months in prison Thursday for lying to the FBI about his communications with reporters. BuzzFeed News reports that U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson determined on Thursday that Wolfe’s misdeeds were more serious than those committed by others who have pleaded guilty to the same crime and spent no time in jail. Before sentencing, Wolfe was reportedly emotional when he read a statement expressing his regret. He claimed he lied to protect his wife, sons, himself, and his job. “Your honor, I am so sorry, I am beyond embarrassed, I am beyond humiliated, I am beyond mortified,” Wolfe said, his voice reportedly cracking. According to the website, he faced a sentence of “zero to six months in prison” for denying that he had contact with multiple reporters—including a reporter with whom he was romantically involved. Prosecutors reportedly asked that he be sentenced to two years behind bars. Wolfe pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to the FBI earlier this year.