Facebook: Bug May Have Exposed Photos of Up to 6.8M Users

Disinformation peddler and personal data clearinghouse Facebook revealed Friday that a security flaw may have exposed the posted and unposted photos of up to 6.8 million users. The security flaw, caused by a bug in late September, gave third-party developers the ability to access users’ photos, including those that hadn’t been publicly shared on any of its services. “We’re sorry this happened,” Facebook said in a posted apology. “...We will be working with... developers to delete the photos from impacted users.” This is only the latest user data debacle at Facebook in a year full of them, including the recent announcement that a separate bug exposed 30 million users’ personal information in late September. Facebook disclosed the breach a day after opening pop-up stores around the world in order to showcase how privacy is supposedly the “foundation of the company.”