Feds Charge Prominent Chicago Alderman Edward Burke With Corruption

Powerful Chicago Alderman Edward Burke, one of the city’s most entrenched political figures, will turn himself in Thursday on corruption charges, The Chicago Tribune reports. The charges comes just weeks after the FBI carried out a raid on Burke’s City Hall office, reportedly taping up the windows with brown butcher paper before emerging down a back staircase with computers and files. The criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court alleges Burke used his political office for personal gain. The city official is arguably one of the biggest figures ever caught by the U.S. attorney’s office, an office that has reeled in dozens of his City Council colleagues and Illinois governors over the years. Burke was largely seen as too sophisticated to be caught, facing federal investigators several times before but always eluding charges.

Among his many positions of power, Burke is known for keeping a tight grip on the City Council’s Finance Committee. He controls millions of dollars in campaign funds, and is in charge of the city’s $100 million workers’ compensation program. He also plays an important role in redrawing the city’s maps—maintaining his political power amid Chicago’s shifting demographics.