Florida Man Sold Videos of Secretly Recorded Sexual Encounters With 80 Men: DOJ

A Florida man on Monday was sentenced in Miami federal court to three years in prison for secretly recording sexual encounters with 80 men and selling the footage to a porn site, the Department of Justice announced. Bryan Deneumostier, 34, a Peruvian national, was arrested in July 2018 and has been held in custody since then. Deneumostier pleaded guilty in Sep. 2018 to two counts of illegal interception of oral communications. According to the DOJ, Deneumostier sold footage to a subscription-based pornography website called “” that streamed “hook up” videos showing Deneumostier’s sexual encounters with other men. In many of the videos, the individuals, at Deneumostier’s direction, wore a blindfold and restraints and could not see the defendant, the room, or the recording equipment. One of the recorded victims was a blindfolded 16-year-old male. Deneumostier admitted to making videos of himself with 150 men, saying that about 80 individuals had no idea he was recording them.