Florida Woman Who Fell Off Motorcycle Was Run Over ‘Repeatedly’

A Florida woman who fell off the back of a motorcycle and was run over repeatedly Friday night was on a first date with a man who apparently abandoned her after she died, according to family members of the victim cited in a Tuesday report from the Miami Herald. An attorney for the family of Jennifer St. Clair claims that on Thursday night, she was picked up by an unidentified man on a motorcycle, who she had met online, for a first date. But by 1:30 a.m. Friday, St. Clair had fallen off the motorcycle on a section of I-95, and had been run over repeatedly by other vehicles. Some witnesses told Local10 that they saw a man on a motorcycle near St. Clair’s body—but the motorcycle driver has not yet been found. The incident is being investigated as a traffic homicide, Florida Highway Patrol officials said. Friends and family called on the public to help identify the man. “Someone saw it happen. Someone saw her earlier that night. Whoever she was with has some answers,” a friend of St. Clair wrote on Facebook, the Herald notes. “She did not deserve this. Her family and friends do not deserve this.”