Florida’s Broward County Finishes Manual Vote Recount in Two Hours

Florida’s Broward County completed a manual recount of votes for the state’s U.S. Senate seat Friday morning, following nearly two weeks of bitter debate over voting problems in the county. The Washington Post reports that the manual recount comes a day after a botched machine recount that has all but settled the gubernatorial race in favor of Republican Gov. Rick Scott, but revealed the Senate race to be within a .25 percent margin. Given that Broward is a highly democratic county, the recounts have faced national scrutiny, criticism, and protest from Republicans. The manual recount, the Post notes, is centered around tens of thousands of “overvotes,” where a voter appeared to select two candidates, and “undervotes,” where a voter appeared to select no candidate at all, forcing judges to attempt to parse the voter’s intentions. The results of the recount will be revealed Sunday.