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For Sufferers of Atopic Dermatitis, It’s Not Just a Rash

Atopic dermatitis, a type of Eczema, may seem like just a skin condition, but to sufferers it’s much, much more. We met one Pfizer scientist trying to change all that.

Atopic dermatitis is easy to write-off as unworthy of serious medical pursuit. It’s not life threatening, nor is it incredibly physically painful. But for many people, the lack of options causes daily anxiety. An ignorance of the condition may breed insensitive comments and leave many feeling stigmatized and alone.

Narrated by Dr. Freda C. Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer, this episode of Cure Hunters caught up with Jean Beebe, VP of clinical development at Pfizer. She shared her point of view on the disease and why she’s not interested in baby steps when it comes to finding a potential cure. Check out the video above and keep tuning in to Cure Hunters.

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