Former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock Strikes Deal to Avoid Prosecution

The Justice Department dropped its corruption case against former Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) on Wednesday, agreeing to a settlement that allows him to avoid a criminal conviction. The unusual deal, known as a deferred prosecution agreement, requires Schock to pay $42,000 to the IRS and $68,000 to his congressional campaign fund to avoid any further legal action. “But I continue to ask where was the oversight and supervision when my indictment was initiated?” the former lawmaker said in a statement. “It should not have taken four years, two U.S. attorney offices, three judges and millions of dollars in costs to the taxpayers and myself to come to this conclusion.”

Schock resigned from office in 2015 amid allegations that he stole campaign and government funds for personal use. He was indicted in 2016 on 24 felony counts alleging that he stole taxpayer and campaign donations. In one instance, he allegedly stole campaign funds to buy Super Bowl tickets that he later sold online.