Former U.S. Marshal Investigated for Joking About Shooting Judge: Inspector General

A former U.S. Marshal was investigated after the officer made an inappropriate joke about killing a judge, the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General announced Wednesday. The former marshal, who was not identified by the OIG, reportedly made the joke during a firearms use-of-force briefing. “... The USM made the inappropriate comment about shooting a judge and, in doing so, committed administrative misconduct,” a press release states. The OIG found no evidence the marshal intended the comment to be taken seriously, nor was it perceived by those present as such. “The USM told the OIG that he was joking when he made the comment and admitted that it was inappropriate,” according to the OIG. The remark was especially inappropriate given that one of any marshal’s main duties is to protect federal judges and courthouses.

The OIG also said the marshal “lacked candor in an interview” regarding the inappropriate comments, according to the report. The OIG concluded the marshal violated the USMS Code of Professional Responsibility, but did not pursue prosecution. The marshal retired prior to the investigation, according to the press release. The OIG report does not name the marshal, but local reports allege he is Edward Gilmore, a former Chicago police officer who was appointed to the marshal’s post by former President Obama.