Fourth Man Found Guilty of Beating Black Man at Unite the Right Rally

A fourth man was found guilty on Friday for beating an African-American man during the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally, The Washington Post reports. Tyler Watkins Davis, a 50-year-old former member of the white nationalist group the League of the South, reportedly submitted an Alford plea on a “malicious wounding charge” for beating DeAndre Harris in a Charlottesville parking lot. Davis’ plea reportedly acknowledged that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him without pleading guilty. Davis could allegedly be seen in a video of the attack hitting Harris on the head with a wooden tire thumper—which caused a gash on Harris’ head that required eight staples. Harris also reportedly suffered from a spinal injury in the attack, and four other men have been convicted in the incident. The men have reportedly argued they were acting in “self-defense” against Harris, but video surveillance shows the men were launching a “full-scale attack” on him when he was in the garage. Davis is scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 27.