‘Fox & Friends’ Host Brian Kilmeade Fears ‘Diseases’ Brought by Migrant Caravan

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade has found a new way to whip up fear about the group of people—dubbed the migrant caravan—making their way toward the U.S. from Central America: disease. “What about diseases?” Kilmeade asked Monday morning during a segment on the marchers who are making their way through southern Mexico. “There’s a reason why you can’t bring a kid to school unless he’s inoculated.” He went on to complain about the level of taxable income used for social programs, and said: “Is it too much to say we just can’t have countries, entire populations, come in here without being looked at as hard-hearted? To me it’s a practical way of having a nation that everyone looks up to and wants to be a part of. That’s part of the reason why America’s America—there’s a process.” Migrants in the initial caravan, now estimated at 4,000 people, rested Sunday and reportedly plan to resume their journey to the U.S. on Monday.