Fox News’ Tammy Bruce on ‘Gingerbread People’: ‘Obviously, They’re Men’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson and contributor Tammy Bruce discussed the alleged “war on Christmas” in a segment Tuesday night, mocking a decision by the Scottish Parliament’s coffee shop to stop calling gingerbread cookies “gingerbread men.” Carlson opened the segment by stating that the war on Christmas is not only “being fought very fiercely here in America,” but is also a “global struggle.” Bruce then segued into a discussion on the dangers of political correctness. “So this baker, she said it was a whim, that she just thought, for no good reason, that she should not call them gingerbread, call them a gingerbread person,” Bruce said. “And I couldn’t tell, obviously, because they’re also not wearing clothes, so it’s hard to say what they’re doing and what they’re not doing.” She finished her argument by clarifying that the cookies are “obviously... men.” Carlson replied, “Maybe the lesson is that the rest of us shouldn’t participate in our own spiritual neutering.”