Fox News ‘Tough Cop’: ‘Illegal Aliens’ Rampantly Raping Our Girls

He is buddies with Donald Trump and Martin Scorsese, and he’s a former NYPD detective. He is also one of Fox’s loudest go-to fear-mongers.

Jacob Kepler/Bloomberg via Getty Images

One of Fox News’s favorite tough guys has some thoughts about “illegal aliens” pillaging our country, and his take sounds a lot like a certain Republican presidential candidate.

“With these sanctuary cities, you know, this is something that’s happened around this epidemic of rapes,” Fox contributor Bo Dietl told host Sean Hannity earlier this week.

“If you look at statistics of rapes across this country, young girls under 14 years old that are being raped by these punks and these gang members across this country, if we don’t do something, this a real epidemic,” Dietl continued, frantically. “I don't care if you like [Donald] Trump or not Trump, but I will guarantee you ... we will stop sanctuary cities, we will stop this immigration, we will build the wall, and America needs you. You don't have to be a Republican or a Democrat to understand we are being raped in this country by illegal aliens and our kids are their victims.”

First off, it is a flat-out myth that there is an “epidemic” of undocumented immigrants running around our cities and the countryside raping American children, or committing violent crime. There is zero evidence for such a claim. But Dietl is frequently on Fox News making these sorts of unsubstantiated, fear-mongering claims.

The Fox News contributor — who has branded himself as “One Tough Cop” — is a former detective in the NYPD and a one-time Arby’s spokesman. He is not a fan of the Black Lives Matter movement. He believes that everybody who smokes pot gets their brain “defunkitated.” In 2013, he helped spread fear of another nonexistent epidemic: the “Knockout Game” craze, which turned out to be a phony racial panic essentially created by conservative news media.

And he wants to fight ISIS by having law enforcement profile “Middle-East-looking guys” when they “start growing that facial hair, and start growing that facial hair around their chin.”

After leaving the force, Dietl founded Beau Dietl & Associates Private Investigators in New York City. On his company’s website, Trump (who likely agrees wholeheartedly with the former detective’s view on immigrant rapists) praises Dietl in an official endorsement.

“I have known Bo Dietl professionally and personally for many years,” Trump said. “When I owned the General Motors Building on Fifth Avenue, his company provided us with security. They did a terrific job. Bo Dietl has ethics that carry him successfully through every venture and in every relationship. He is professional, diligent, and caring. He will give one hundred percent to any job he does. I can recommend him without hesitation.”

For his part, Dietl said late last year that he is a “Trump guy, 100 percent” and that he is certain that the real-estate mogul “will be the next president.” The Fox contributor attended Trump’s third wedding in Palm Beach, Florida, in January 2005 and dubbed it “the wedding of weddings.”

Dietl’s mingling with the rich and famous doesn’t stop there. He has deep Hollywood ties, which includes having his book turned into a 1998 action movie where the character “Detective Bo Dietl” investigates the rape and killing of a nun. (Dietl is played by Stephen Baldwin.)

He is also the only regular Fox News contributor to have appeared in multiple Martin Scorsese projects, including the new HBO series Vinyl and the mob-movie classic Goodfellas. In Scorsese’s 2013 R-rated black comedy The Wolf of Wall Street, Dietl played himself, appearing in a scene with Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Scorsese taught me how to act,” Dietl told Page Six. “I didn’t go to acting school.”

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Between his private eye business, his Hollywood side-career, and liberally tossing out the conservative red meat on Fox, he is also considering running for mayor of New York against incumbent Bill de Blasio, whom he calls "Big Bird."

"If it was head-to-head, him and I, let's go to the old tape, I'll debate him, I'll bring him down in a headlock real quick," Dietl declared last year.

Perhaps his ideal world would be that, come 2018, America has both a President Trump and a Mayor Dietl, both of whom can continue to scapegoat Mexican immigrants.