Foxconn Says It's Building Wisconsin Facility After Talks With White House

Foxconn announced in a statement Friday that it will move forward with the construction of its $10 billion Wisconsin facility after talks with White House, the company said in a statement Friday. “After productive discussions between the White House and the company, and after a personal conversation between President Donald J. Trump and Chairman Terry Gou, Foxconn is moving forward with our planned construction of a Gen 6 fab facility,” the statement read. “This campus will serve both as an advanced manufacturing facility as well as a hub of high technology innovation for the region.” Earlier this week, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou told Reuters the company would offer mostly researcher and engineering jobs in Wisconsin, as opposed to the blue-collar manufacturing jobs that were originally promised. President Trump had touted the plant as an example of bringing jobs back to blue-collar workers in poorer regions. It’s unclear what kinds of jobs the $10 billion facility will now provide.

“Our decision is also based on a recent comprehensive and systematic evaluation to help determine the best fit for our Wisconsin project among TFT technologies,” the company wrote. “We look forward to continuing to expand our investment in American talent in Wisconsin and the US.” The plant will be the largest foreign greenfield investment in U.S. history.