Lou Dobbs Pushed Trump to Fire ‘Flailing,’ ‘Overwhelmed’ Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

Fox Business host and immigration hardliner Lou Dobbs repeatedly told Trump, both privately and on his show, to fire departing Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, The Daily Beast reported Monday. Last month, Dobbs railed against Nielsen as “flailing” and “overwhelmed” on Lou Dobbs Tonight, adding that “The president needs to fire [Nielsen]. She is nothing but a roadblock on creativity, innovation, adaptiveness and responding to the situation we have instead of the one she apparently wants to dream about.” Dobbs’ tactics were quite similar to those he used to help convince Trump to fire former Attorney General Jeff Sessions—last March, for example, he tweeted that “Sessions has fallen ill, he’s incapacitated in some fashion, or he’s been coopted or captured: to preserve any dignity, for the good of the country he needs to resign.” And while Dobbs doesn’t have a role in the administration, Trump reportedly values his advice so much that he’s even had the commentator patched into Oval Office briefings.