Say What?

Fringe Factor: Meet the Creationist Protest Candidate

One House candidate’s reason for running is personal. Steve King thinks DREAMers who want to join the military should be deported. And a Missouri Rep.says getting an abortion is a huge decision—like buying a car, or getting new carpeting.

House Candidate Running So His Daughter Wont Have to Learn Evolution

Aaron Miller is running to represent Minnesota in Congress to make a difference in someone’s life. One life, in particular, actually. The Iraq War vet explained at a district convention this weekend—as he has on several occasions since he started his campaign—that he his running for office to keep his daughter from learning evolution at her public school. The Mankato Free Press reported that Miller “repeated his story about his daughter returning home from school in tears because evolution was being taught in her class,” an anecdote that he apparently manages to fit into most of his stump speeches.

Steve King: Deport DREAMers Who Want to Join the Military

Rep. Steve King has never been one to hide his feelings about the DREAM Act and young, undocumented immigrants in general. In an interview with Breitbart News, the Iowa Republican suggested that the U.S. should deport DREAMers who want to enlist in the military. “As soon as they raise their hand and say, ‘I’m unlawfully present in the United States,’ we’re not going to take your oath into the military, but we’re going to take your deposition and we have a bus for you to Tijuana,” King said.

Missouri Rep: An Abortion Is a Big Choice, Like Buying a Car or Carpeting

Missouri State Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger wants to require women to undergo an ultrasound and wait three days before getting an abortion because choosing whether or not to terminate a pregnancy is a huge decision. Gatschenberger—who is sponsoring a bill that mandates such a requirement—has bought cars and picked out carpeting before, so he knows what it’s like to make a major life choice. “I have to look at it, get information about it, maybe drive it, you know, a lot of different things. Check prices,” the Republican lawmaker was filmed saying while advocating for his bill at the Missouri House’s Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities committee this week. There’s a lot of things that I do putting into a decision. Whether that’s a car, whether that’s a house, whether that’s any major decision that I put in my life. Even carpeting.” When another Democratic Rep. Stacey Newman called out the car comparison as “extremely offensive to every single woman sitting in here, whether they’re pregnant or whether they’re not,”Gatschenberger apologized but later reiterated, “I’m just saying this is a life-ending decision. You should think about it.”

Mississippi Tea Partier Mocked Minorities on Radio Show

The Wall Street Journal received a pretty damning clip from Senate hopeful Chris McDaniel’s talk-radio hosting days. In the clip, which dates back to late 2006 or early 2007, the Mississippi Republican is heard refusing to pay taxes if it means part of that money will go to slavery reparations, lamenting whiney minorities for complaining about racism, and wondering when is the right time to call a woman “mamacita.” McDaniels also compared Vanilla Ice’s career to a minstrel show without the blackface. McDaniel, who is now a state Senator is the tea party favorite to seek incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran’s seat in Congress.