White Woman in ‘Gardening While Black' Case Hires Richard Spencer's Alt-Right Lawyer

The woman being sued by a black man who says she accused him of false charges when he was merely guilty of “gardening while black” has hired an alt-right attorney who previously represented Richard Spencer. Deborah Nash and two other white women accused Marc Peeples, a black urban farmer, of brandishing a gun, carrying out a drive-by shooting, and being a convicted pedophile—a judge ruled that none of the accusations were true. Peeples is seeking $300,000 in damages, alleging that the three women “knowingly fabricated all of [their] allegations” and “acted intentionally and concertedly to cause Marc economic harm and emotional distress.” The Guardian reports that Nash is now being represented by Kyle Bristow—a self-described alt-right attorney who previously tried to sue universities who refused to let Spencer speak on campus. “I’m not surprised that Ms Nash hired Kyle to represent her in this matter,” said Peeples' attorney Robert Burton-Harris. The “gardening while black” case was widely reported as another example of black Americans being unfairly hassled by the public and law enforcement for carrying out everyday activities.