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Get Delivery From the Best Restaurants Near You Without Any of the People

Eat from the coolest restaurants in your area while wearing sweatpants? Yes please. This food delivery service is a cut above the rest.


By The Beast


Food delivery stereotypes usually conjure experiences wrought with uncertainty, fine-but-not-great restaurant options, and questionable photos of the food you might be getting. Not with Caviar, which makes food delivery—or pickup— way easier. Like, seriously easy. And even healthy, if that's your goal. If you haven’t used Caviar and live in one of the 22 areas that they serve across the country, here’s why you need to go order something right now.

Thanks to exclusive partnerships with high-end restaurants, Caviar lets you eat the trendiest, most delicious food without dealing with the scene—no lines, no people, no anything. Just amazing food, right to your door.

Ordering from one of their fantastic restaurants—like Media Noche and Souvla in San Francisco, Night + Market in LA or Cane Rosso in Dallas—is the perfect way to, ahem, spice up a night in. Or, be the envy of the office by ordering lunch from that too-busy spot around the corner and skip the wait entirely. Even a quick look through the restaurants on Caviar will make you say, “wait, they deliver?” over and over.

And deliver they do—with none of the guesswork usually involved in food delivery. With Caviar you’ll know precisely where your order from Citizen Burger Bar in Arlington is, for example, because of real-time GPS tracking, which is a super convenient feature for people who are ordering on the go, or are just extremely impatient.

The site and app are both easy to navigate and let you sort by area, food type or delivery timing. If you’re feeling indecisive, you can search by what Caviar’s staff thinks is best in the area—and they have really good taste. Plus, you can actually tell what your food is going to look like thanks to high-quality, actually- appetizing photos of menu options. A miracle!

You must be hungry now. Sounds like the perfect time to try Caviar.

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