Complaint Department

Gingrich: Debate Audience Pro-Romney

In Newt Gingrich's perfect world, debates would be filled with his supporters, who would be allowed to cheer and applaud as much as they wanted, and everyone else would be silenced. Gingrich complained after a debate earlier this week in which host Brian Williams asked that the audience hold its applause until commercial breaks. Preventing audience members from cheering is stifling their free speech, Newt argued. He failed to specify, however, that he was really referring only to his supporters, not all audience members in general, and certainly not those in favor of Mitt Romney. Following Thursday night's debate in Jacksonville, Gingrich grumbled that the Romney campaign had "definitely packed the room" with supporters, a scheme to ensure that the cheers coming from the audience were overly in favor of Gingrich's opponent. A Romney spokesman said his campaign was given the same amount of tickets as everyone else.