Giuliani Said on ABC That President Knew Cohen Pushed Trump Tower Moscow ‘Up To November 2016’

Rudy Giuliani claimed in an ABC interview that President Donald Trump knew that his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was working on the Trump Tower Moscow deal “all the way up to...November of 2016.” Cohen, who pleaded guilty to lying to Congress over his role in pushing for the Moscow project, told a federal judge that the discussions stopped in June 2016. The President’s personal lawyer, who also just said that President Trump would be interviewed in person by the Special Counsel’s Office “over his dead body,” made the statement during an interview with George Stephanopoulos on This Week ABC. Stephanopoulos asked Giuliani “Did Donald Trump know that Michael Cohen was pursuing the Trump Tower in Moscow into the summer of 2016?” Giuliani replied “according to the answer that he gave, it would have covered all the way up to... November of 2016” apparently in reference to Trump’s written answers to Robert Mueller’s questions about potential Russian collusion in the election. Cohen was sentenced on Dec. 12 to three years in federal prison for nine counts, which included the lying to Congress offense.