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GOP Candidate ‘Disproves’ Climate Change With Simple Scientific Device

The Bayou State’s answer to Sarah Palin thinks global warming is a ‘hoax,’ because thermometers.

A Republican candidate for Congress in Louisiana has released a campaign video, subtlety titled "GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX" that is, unexpectedly, about her belief that global warming is a hoax.

Lenar Whitney, who did not respond to an interview request from The Daily Beast, is a state representative from the Bayou State and the Republican National Committee's "committee woman from Louisiana," according to her website. She counts Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin among her idols and believes climate change can be credibly disproved with a thermometer. She is running in the Nov. 4 nonpartisan jungle primary, to fill the seat vacated by Rep. Bill Cassidy, who is running for Senate.

Whitney, 55, sports long blonde hair and heavy eye makeup. In the glossy, black and white video, she speaks in a gleeful, infantilized tone about "liberals in the lamestream media" becoming "unglued" over her statements about climate change.

She calls out former Vice President Al Gore for "his propaganda film, The Inconvenient Truth," (actually titled An Inconvenient Truth). "Quite inconveniently for Al Gore and the rest of the politicians who continue to advance this delusion, any 10 year old can invalidate their thesis with one of this simplest scientific devices known to man, a thermometer," she says while holding up a thermometer, in the event that viewers aren't sure what they look like.

She then hits President Obama for believing in climate change while acknowledging that it sometimes snows. "In the Obama Administration, down is up, two plus two equals five, and ignorance is strength."

Whitney doesn't just stop at calling climate change a hoax. She also claims that there is consensus among scientists that the Earth has been getting colder over the last decade — but when asked by The Cook Political Report's David Wasserman where she got her facts, Whitney reportedly "froze and was unable to cite a single scientist, journal or news source to back up her beliefs." A spokesman for Whitney told The Daily Caller that the story was a mischaracterization and "it's just liberal elites hating conservative women."

Whitney's candidacy is also being advertised with hybrid lawn sign/billboards, which feature a full-length photo of her, her arms crossed, standing next to her last name, printed sideways in large, block-lettering (her first name hovers up by her head in loopy script). The ads look like they are for a talk show, not a Congressional race — which may be the real goal here.

Whitney’s website details her platform: she wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, set term limits, dismantle the Department of Education (because: “It’s a 10th Amendment thing”), “leave traditional marriage and the sanctity of matrimony to the heterosexuals,” “SECURE OUR BORDERS,” and protect the Second Amendment.

On Whitney's little-known Twitter account (she has just 650 followers) she shows her support for Israel:

And she suggests that lamestream media outlets are trying to make Bachmann porn:

And talks about what she has in common with Al Gore:

There are 12 candidates in total running in the Nov. 4 primary, including former Governor of Louisiana, 86 year old Democrat, Edwin Edwards.