Great White Shark Spotted in Long Island Sound for First Time Ever

If you’re heading to the beach for the Memorial Day weekend, it might be a good idea to stay in shallow water. For the first time ever, a great white shark has been spotted in the Long Island Sound off the Connecticut shore. It’s believed to be about 10 feet long and has been named Cabot by researchers—after Italian navigator John Cabot, who explored North America in 1497. Research group Ocearch has been tracking the shark since last year. The aptly named founder of the group, Chris Fischer, told ABC News: “He was right up on the beach, very close.” Fischer said he doesn’t think there’s any imminent danger for swimmers in the area, but said people should “demonstrate common sense” when entering the water. Fischer believes Cabot is only in the area for a short stay to see what tasty fish are up for grabs before heading back out to deep water and continuing north. Cabot is, of course, also tweeting.